It All Starts with WiFi

Vayafi is our full digital marketing solution for advertisers and venues to reach potential revenues through WiFi monetization.

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Have their phone with them 22 hours in a day!


Mobile Data Traffic will be offloaded to WiFi


cite WiFi as the most important Amenity


Consumers in-store have a WiFi capable device in their pocket

Promote Your Brand

to widen your reach, generate leads and optimize ad campaigns served to your target market.

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Hypertargeted Ads

Display your ads to your specific targets.

Lead Generation

Convert your target audience to your potential customers.

Onsite Advertising

Be visible in online physical venues with high traffic.

Budget Campaigns

Allocate your budget based on your preferred spending.

Monitor Ad Views

Check your campaign performance and stats in real time.



Food Hubs, Coffee Shops, Bars


Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Commercial Places


Buses, Airports, Trains


Clothing and Apparel, Jewelry Shops


Hotels, Resorts, Recreation


Sports Centers, Gymnasiums, Events Place

Monetize Your WiFi

to get additional revenue stream from advertisers while establishing customer engagement.

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WiFi Marketing

Utilize your WiFi investment for your promotions.

Real Time Reports

Access your venue reports in sync anytime, anywhere.

Easy Installation

Hassle-free set up for your convenience.

Customer Database

Gather your customer information for remarketing.

Ad Revenues

Maximize potential income from advertiser tie-ups.

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